Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Waaaaargh from the skies - Painting Ork Deffkoptas

So from picking up my brushes for the first time in 12 years I decided to jump in the deep end with three of the largest models from the Assault on Black Reach set - Deffkoptas.

This step-by-step guide is in no way a lesson for anyone, it's quite simply to show how I do things for those who are interested.

Step 1: Applied basecoat of Chaos black.
Step 2: drybrushed metallic parts with mix of black, mythril silver, blood red and snakebite leather.
Step 3: Drybrushed with black and mythrill silver mix.
Step 4: very light drybrush of mythril silver.
Step 5: re-touched drybrush overspill with chaos black.
Step 6: basecoat skin with mix of goblin green, black and leather brown. Then I applied thick highlights of goblin green and brown. And finaly goblin green and badmoon yellow highlights applied. Then an Umber was to take the shine off.
Step 7: I basecoated the cloth areas in dark brown, highlight with brown/bone mix, then on to a bone highlight. Then I washied over this with an Umber wash to take out the harshness of the highlights.
 Step 8: With a couple fo final touches I'm happy enough to leave these at a tabletop standard until a later date.
Ready for battle
To conclude: After 12 years of brushless life outside of miniatures, I think i've done ok - my only major mistake was thinking that painting these large miniatures would be a good place to put it mildly, thats the last f'ing Deffkpta's I'll ever paint! Please feel free to comment though!


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