Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Waaaaargh from the skies - Painting Ork Deffkoptas

So from picking up my brushes for the first time in 12 years I decided to jump in the deep end with three of the largest models from the Assault on Black Reach set - Deffkoptas.

This step-by-step guide is in no way a lesson for anyone, it's quite simply to show how I do things for those who are interested.

Step 1: Applied basecoat of Chaos black.
Step 2: drybrushed metallic parts with mix of black, mythril silver, blood red and snakebite leather.
Step 3: Drybrushed with black and mythrill silver mix.
Step 4: very light drybrush of mythril silver.
Step 5: re-touched drybrush overspill with chaos black.
Step 6: basecoat skin with mix of goblin green, black and leather brown. Then I applied thick highlights of goblin green and brown. And finaly goblin green and badmoon yellow highlights applied. Then an Umber was to take the shine off.
Step 7: I basecoated the cloth areas in dark brown, highlight with brown/bone mix, then on to a bone highlight. Then I washied over this with an Umber wash to take out the harshness of the highlights.
 Step 8: With a couple fo final touches I'm happy enough to leave these at a tabletop standard until a later date.
Ready for battle
To conclude: After 12 years of brushless life outside of miniatures, I think i've done ok - my only major mistake was thinking that painting these large miniatures would be a good place to put it mildly, thats the last f'ing Deffkpta's I'll ever paint! Please feel free to comment though!


Monday, 26 September 2011

First builds of Assault on Black Reach miniatures

Last night I put together the first bunch of miniatures from the AOBR boxed set.

As a starting point I naturally went right for the biggest and best models right away...

Graashaak Steelknasha' - I've replaced the head on this model with one that has a steel jaw to fit in with my bosses name as well as the fact, I'm just not a fan of the face your guided to use.
Gabrielis Ventis - There is a small gap under the dread's right foot that i'll have to fill in, but i'll figure that out later.
Deffkopta squadron - major issues with 'flash' on these kopta's

I've undercoated each of the models with Chaos Black as they are mostly mechanical in design (my core troops will be sprayed red or green)

For a starting point I will be working on the DeffKopta's Squadron. They look fun to paint, plus with three models it will involve less mixing of colours/less watching paint dry as I can can rotate on all three. I'll post my progress after I complete the basecoats.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Black Reach has arrived!

After what seemed like forever (an entire week dammit!) my copy of Black Reach has arrived!

I've read the little rulebook cover to cover already, and pleased to see the basics are fairly similar and have excitedly been rummaging through my new box of tricks!

So far I've built the dreadnaught, marine captain, ork warboss, a couple of terminators, a few boyz , some marines and one of the copta's! I've been mounting them on some scenic bases from 616 designs I've picked up as seen below:

I've got another 40 bases on the way, as well as the 'Master of the Recruits' model, 8 Stormboyz, another marine tactical squad, and 20 more Ork Boyz.

As well as all that lot, I've got some Dragon Red spray paint for the marines and some Dark angels Green spray for my Orks as well as a new set of Vallejo Washes on the way.

As soon as my spray undercoat arrives, I'll post my step-by-step painting process (comments are more than welcome!).

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Found my old paints and bitz!!

Yes! After some late night rummaging around my loft I have found a small pile of paint pots, some old bitz and most importantly my old brushes!

It's great not only because it means I won't have to shell out on a load of new brushes, but I think I'll pick up a new fine detail on as it's a bit too soft for my liking. It's awesome to find my bitz box, I'll not be doing much conversions initially, but I will prob make some slate bases for my armies.

Going to buy some washes today and possibly my Bloor Ravens Commander or some Assault Marines, or maybe a Razorback (which if I magnetise the turret I can use as a Rhino transport)...choices, choices...

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The painting dilemma

With my copy of Black Reach on the way I have some time to consider how I will paint the incoming miniatures.

I have previously had both Orks and Marines so I know painting them should be fairly straightforward, but what Chapter/Clan should I go with?

Space Marines

I've always been a fan of anything red, so my initial thought was to create a Blood Angel army, but after a few months playing 'Dawn of War', I have decided to create a Blood Ravens force. After a quick browse around, I'm going to use the 'Master of Recruits' miniature as my heroic leader.


This ones easy, Deathskulls!! Lootin', Stealin' Orky awesomeness!!

My Warlord shall be named: Urak Steeljawz

I've always loved Orks and their gung-ho attitude, charging in to battle, axe's swinging, guns blazing! The no fear attitude is something I will aim to portray with way I paint them. If I recall, Deathskulls go for blue face paint, a-la Braveheart, so I'll probably go with various styles of this, which will be reflected on their vehicles too.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Warhammer 40,000 - The Choice has been made...

After a few more days thought I have decided to step back into the shallow end of the pool with an online purchase of Warhammer 40,000: Assault on Black Reach and a starter set of Vallejo Paints.

With Black Reach it gives me a way of picking up the rules quickly (hopefully they haven't changed too much) as well as some really nice models - they've came a long way since the classic Space Marines and Orks/Gretchin from the 1993, Second Edition of the game. Whether I'll start a Marine or Ork army is still up for debate, but I'm sure I'll figure that out once it arrives.

As for the Vallejo paints, I've always preferred the coverage you get with a single coat (ideal for speed painting) but, and I'll be frank, they are considerably cheaper and you get more paint-per-pot for your money.

The Dreaded First Post – A journey Back in Time if you will

Hello, and welcome to my new blog!
Allow me to explain what this blog is going to be all about.

Just over 12 years ago, I was an avid table-top wargamer, speed painter, scenery builder and Games Workshop employee…then one day I just stopped collecting. To this day I can’t really remember why I gave it all up (or more depressingly, why I gave all my stuff away to my friends/younger cousins)but I never quite shook off the nostalgic feeling I had anytime I saw one of my ‘keeper’ models or an old copy of White Dwarf.
Anyways, before I quit the hobby, I had amassed a vast collection of games, miniatures, paints and so forth.

My Gaming History

I’ve played most of the Games Workshop games throughout the years including Hero Quest, Blood Bowl, Rogue Trader, 40k and Fantasy, but it all started for my with a copy of Space Hulk that I demanded as a petulant 8-year-old child whilst on holiday. Thankfully the only part I was interested in was the cool figures because the instructions were in French…I suppose that’s what happens when you buy a game in France. I remember painting the models with my dad when we got home, and I was utterly hooked and when I visit my home next, I’ll dig out the first model I ever painted for your viewing…um…pleasure?

Like I said, I became a obsessed collector and at various points had the following large (I consider large at least 3000 points) Warhammer Fantasy Battle armies; Skaven, Night Goblin, High Elf and Chaos Dwarves (hands up who remembers those beardy little guys), and the following Warhammer 40k Armies; Eldar, Blood Angel Space Marines and Orks.
I’ve never been a ‘beardy’ gamer, I’m a huge fan of military tactics so played many a game at a deliberate points dis-advantage – just call me General Custer – to test my abilities. All in all I played for the same reasons thousands of others do…to march my finely painted forces over the hill and back again, smashing all in it’s path!

The Cunning Plan

So, to re-cap, I’d been involved for about ten years with nothing but pocket money and a staff discount, and now, as a grown-up (sort-of) with a full time job and a life, I intend to start all over again and get everything I couldn’t afford back in the day! Thankfully my wife is a big nerd too so for every model I get, she wants one too!I’m not sure what sparked my interest this time round – I suspect the multiple ads everywhere I look for the new ‘Space Marine’ computer game has something to do with it!

I’ll be posting pictures regularly of my troops (once i decide where to start) and hope to hear from other gamers out there (I see you there lurking at the back). I hope you follow me each step of the way!