Saturday, 24 September 2011

Black Reach has arrived!

After what seemed like forever (an entire week dammit!) my copy of Black Reach has arrived!

I've read the little rulebook cover to cover already, and pleased to see the basics are fairly similar and have excitedly been rummaging through my new box of tricks!

So far I've built the dreadnaught, marine captain, ork warboss, a couple of terminators, a few boyz , some marines and one of the copta's! I've been mounting them on some scenic bases from 616 designs I've picked up as seen below:

I've got another 40 bases on the way, as well as the 'Master of the Recruits' model, 8 Stormboyz, another marine tactical squad, and 20 more Ork Boyz.

As well as all that lot, I've got some Dragon Red spray paint for the marines and some Dark angels Green spray for my Orks as well as a new set of Vallejo Washes on the way.

As soon as my spray undercoat arrives, I'll post my step-by-step painting process (comments are more than welcome!).

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