Thursday, 15 September 2011

The painting dilemma

With my copy of Black Reach on the way I have some time to consider how I will paint the incoming miniatures.

I have previously had both Orks and Marines so I know painting them should be fairly straightforward, but what Chapter/Clan should I go with?

Space Marines

I've always been a fan of anything red, so my initial thought was to create a Blood Angel army, but after a few months playing 'Dawn of War', I have decided to create a Blood Ravens force. After a quick browse around, I'm going to use the 'Master of Recruits' miniature as my heroic leader.


This ones easy, Deathskulls!! Lootin', Stealin' Orky awesomeness!!

My Warlord shall be named: Urak Steeljawz

I've always loved Orks and their gung-ho attitude, charging in to battle, axe's swinging, guns blazing! The no fear attitude is something I will aim to portray with way I paint them. If I recall, Deathskulls go for blue face paint, a-la Braveheart, so I'll probably go with various styles of this, which will be reflected on their vehicles too.

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