Monday, 26 September 2011

First builds of Assault on Black Reach miniatures

Last night I put together the first bunch of miniatures from the AOBR boxed set.

As a starting point I naturally went right for the biggest and best models right away...

Graashaak Steelknasha' - I've replaced the head on this model with one that has a steel jaw to fit in with my bosses name as well as the fact, I'm just not a fan of the face your guided to use.
Gabrielis Ventis - There is a small gap under the dread's right foot that i'll have to fill in, but i'll figure that out later.
Deffkopta squadron - major issues with 'flash' on these kopta's

I've undercoated each of the models with Chaos Black as they are mostly mechanical in design (my core troops will be sprayed red or green)

For a starting point I will be working on the DeffKopta's Squadron. They look fun to paint, plus with three models it will involve less mixing of colours/less watching paint dry as I can can rotate on all three. I'll post my progress after I complete the basecoats.

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